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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Locally, The Madness Continues

Locally, some taxing entities collected taxes from refineries they were not supposed to collect. To add insult to injury, the taxing entities spent the money and now owe it to the refineries. Meanwhile, some locals are stirring the crap about how it will hurt the schools (children) and something should be done to stop the return of the money. I agree, something should be done, the dumbasses that overcharged the refineries should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail by sunset.

Meanwhile, it looks like some potholes will become bigger, since the tens of millions owed are not figures of money to consider lightly. One local community, in their infinite wisdom, bought a fire truck (needed) a rescue boat (not needed, the coast guard is within minutes at all time), and an armored urban assault vehicle(WTF? Are they scared the taxpayers will congregate and get even?)



  1. Ever since I read exactly what the whole tarred-and-feathered process entails, I am very much in favor of Congressional application. Not by, but to.
    In a semi-related note, an uncle did some geneological digging for a book and discovered we had a female ancestor who, after the local tax man was tarred and feathered and thoroughly beaten and was perched on his rail, raised her skirts and, to quote "Pissed on the wretch."
    I come by it honestly, then.

  2. We can only honor the memory of your ancestor for her service to society. It's not enough, but at least it's something.

  3. Now, if a private citizen spent money they weren't entitled to no one would feel sorry about it and that individual would be run off to jail snippety snap. Why is it that individuals are held accountable to fiscal responsibility but not government offices?

    I think you are a little too close for comfort on your assessment about the underlying purpose for the urban assault vehicle purchase....