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Friday, September 30, 2011

I Know Better...

...but my curiosity got the best of me.

I had a strange link in my traffic links, so I took a look. Surprise!!!! It was a commercial site luring me to look at their software, which will make me rich and in the same peer group as the 108 year old blogger. I was pissed enthralled and spent some time examining the cheesy  professional spam advertisements. After I realized it was a typical site with the usual garbage I didn't have time to peruse the wonderful opportunities, I clicked to close the page....which led to a few BS pop-ups reminders that asked me if I was really, really sure I wanted to navigate from the page.

My thought was: "In a less kind world, I'd find you and wait outside your door with a baseball bat"  "Am I really sure I don't need to take advantage of this opportunity?" So, I clicked the "okay" icon, held my breath and grabbed the power cord to my computer....just in case. Hopefully, whatever spam-bot is lurking will decide to leave my blog alone. They can be sneaky, and I'll put duct tape on all my wall outlets to keep them out.


  1. Oh, Here you are!
    We almost didn't find you.

  2. You forgot your modem jack