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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Will Eventually Happen

Civility, and the protection of citizens against rioters is apparently over with in Portland Oregon.  This is not a common occurrence in most cities, but with liberals running the show, it's accepted in Portland.

What will eventually happen is a loss of taxpayers, the avoidance of tourists, and the loss of credibility with possible investors. I know they can't understand the final outcome, but it will happen. The city will lose too much revenue, taxpayers will have to take matters in their own hands, and the streets will be no different than the the worst of ghettos.

It's now a rallying cry by Democrats to lose civility, and inflict the most damage possible on those that resist their agenda. This includes civil unrest, illegal acts, and violence. Otherwise, a seditious uprising to destroy the United States. That's treason, and they aren't going to like their future. May they find justice swift, and terrible to endure.

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