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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Midterm Law Enforcement

It's reported, by anonymous sources as usual, Muellor will release the findings of the collusion investigation after the midterms.  Opinions abound, but nobody will know, until the findings are released...or not.

If I had to guess, I'd guess the findings will not incriminate the President, but will show an intentional effort by the Hillary Campaign, and federal officials, to destroy the election, and term, of Donald Trump. That, in my opinion, is the reason for waiting until after the midterm election. The Democrats have holes in both feet, and a finding showing their corruption will only make things worse.

This is another intentional effort to protect the Democratic Party, and never Trumpers, from being held accountable before an election. Otherwise, another effort to increase the power of the Democrats, and continuing the elitist country club in the capitol. They've done this before, and too many of the U.S. voters are woefully ignorant of how their vote is influenced by criminal actions.

"...But it appears that the delivery of the findings won’t be the end of Mueller and the probe will continue in some form, according to Bloomberg...."

Isn't that convenient? More of the same, and more time to hide, or clean up the mess made by the FBI and the DOJ. Trump can shut it down, and fire those that created this abortion of justice. It's time he did, and it's time some people are indicted for their criminal activities. 


  1. Some of the swamp creatures are just too big - and I think Trump knows this. He will work with them if he can, or destroy them if he can't. That's the message he sent when Hillary went down in flames. He sent it again with the Kavanaugh debacle. Every time the Donks pull something like this they lose. That is the lesson they have to learn. Trump won't destroy them - they will destroy themselves.

    1. I'm ready for someone to be charged. After one is charged, many will come forward to either lessen, or avoid charges.