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Thursday, October 25, 2018


According to the latest reports, the bombs mailed to Democrat leaders were fake. Otherwise, nobody would have been harmed. That's suspicious, especially with the Democrats realizing they have nothing left but subterfuge, and deceit.

I don't think the person, or persons, that sent the fake bombs will ever be caught. In fact, I'd suspect member of the deep state as perpetrators. Up to this point, it's become obvious there's a concerted effort to defeat Trump, and fake bombs would be another method to undercut the President.


  1. If it’s a false flag, it won’t be tied back to any lib org or shaker/mover like Soros or Steyr, or even Clinton and company.
    So they have lots of deniability and it will blow by, not back.
    After all, they control the press while never pulling a string.

    1. It's like Hillary's shenanigans. Regardless of what she does, she skates. Even if they find the culprit, they'll have no affiliation with anyone, and be whisked away as a terrorist.

  2. unfortunately that is the way I'm leaning also... I just have a hunch they were deliberately made to look juvenile.