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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Supreme Court Addition

We have a new justice. The liberals are hurling the usual insults, and they're spending money of the likes of Soros as soon as it's passed out. Some are even foaming at the mouth, but most are just fuming because they've lost another battle in the war for liberty.

Liberals try to hide their evil while proclaiming their effort is to help everyone. They know that's crap, and they know the more power they give the government helps to turn the United States into something that resembles the former USSR. They have plenty of dumbasses to help with this effort, but will eventually fail. The typical U.S. citizens hates tyranny, and even the supposed followers of liberal logic eventually find their ignorance can't overcome the basic needs of humans.

So, there won't be the ties of the near past, and the conservative justices will have more influence on the effort to return the United States to a country bound by the restrictions of the Constitution. Future majority opinions won't be tainted by liberal justices, that ignored their oath to the country, and tainted the court with liberal madness.


  1. The tide may finally be turning.

  2. I like. Now if I may suggest to the new Fab Five NOT to go on an overnight fishing trip without armed guards.