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Friday, October 19, 2018

Different Than Perceived

According to multiple sources, NOAA is forecasting a warmer, and wetter, Winter. That's interesting, because there are probably only a handful of people that can see the raw data, which may be correct, but not really that much of a difference.

If I had to guess, I'd guess "warmer and wetter" is something most people wouldn't even notice. Warmer can mean 1% above the average temperature, and wetter may be a partial inch above the average precipitation.

While the information is correct, those anticipating balmy, spring like conditions may be a little disappointed. Twenty six degrees, with 3 inches of snow is warmer, and wetter, than 25.3 degrees with 2.7 inches of snow,  but humans just can't tell the difference. It's still miserable, and statistically, the irritation the reports cause is much more intense than just not reporting.


  1. ha ha ha....yes much more irritating!! :)

    1. I've noticed people are easily lured into false perceptions about the weather. With all the talk about global warming, I hear people remark: "Summers are hotter than they were". Depending on areas, or reporting stations, many places have cooler temperatures, if you consider a partial degree below average "cooler".