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Monday, March 28, 2022

Local Fair

 We have a local fair. At one time, it was a Fall event, but after a move to a lower crime area, and a few hurricanes, they moved it to the Spring. I haven't been since it was in the old location, and haven't heard much good about it since. There are multiple reasons, and with the current date for the fair, the local livestock auction can't be as good as it was.

A local news report states the price for the food has reached a point people are not buying. Dozens of dollars for a burger is beyond the budget of a family, and it's now a matter of choosing the rides, or one of the foods that once made many go to the fair. The vendors will be hurt, many will never return, and the Biden administration has struck again. Regardless of reports, people perceive much more than they are credited with.  This will not go unnoticed, but the big question is whether enough will respond in a way that corrects the problem. 

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