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Friday, March 25, 2022

Precedent and Ignorance

Stare decisis is important in law, but embracing it without understanding the Constitution is ignorant. According to the newest poster child for failed EEO policies:

..."I do agree with both Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Barrett on this issue,” Judge Jackson said in her response. “Roe and Casey are the settled law of the Supreme Court concerning the right to terminate a woman's pregnancy.”...

The Constitution doesn't grant the right of abortion. Regardless of stare decisis, the Supreme Court has no power to grant special rights. Any justice that thinks so shouldn't be on the court, and treads into the territory of sedition by any action that interjects their personal opinion, instead of following the Constitution. 

Like the abolition of slavery, amending the Constitution is the only way to change the law. Until that happens, abortion - regardless of opinion - is not protected by stare decisis, nor should any justice attempt to protect it by ignoring the law that mandates the processes of all laws in the United States.


  1. You *might* have an argument for early term abortion, Jess. (I personally disagree, with it, but I can see the non-secular observation about 'a clump of cells is not a human being). But this late term abortion stuff out of the democrats and liberals is flat out murder. It's evil too.

    1. States can make any abortion law they want. The feds don't have any business with such things, know this, and any judge that thinks otherwise is either a bumbling idiot, or trying to assume power they were never granted.

      I think abortion, in most circumstances, is an evil way of not taking responsibility.