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Sunday, November 25, 2012

As Changes Happen

I've had a lot on my mind after the last election. There's the feeling of impending changes that will shape the nation. Good changes? That depends on you outlook. Personally, I think they will be good.

Back in the late 70's and early 80's, there were very small groups of people warning of the fiscal problems we now face and the danger of wandering away from the mandates of the Constitution. People laughed, shook their heads and ignored the warnings.

So, here we are. The warnings are reality, but there are not tiny groups of people concerned; millions are and they are the people that make things happen in this country. That's a huge change and a good one.


  1. I'm thinking that more and more states are going to start weaning themselves fiscally off the federal government and asserting their sovereignty from anything other than what's explicitly stated in the Constitution. Something more sensible than foolishly threatening secession.

  2. I like that Dave.
    I think Jess is right.
    Sometimes adjustments are only made when traumatic events occur.

  3. States with excessive taxes and regulations have chased away huge segments of their business and population. States, such as Texas, benefit from these changes and develop more power to influence.

    Things won't change until people have enough and demand relief. While the entitlement thinking is popular at this time, that too will change. "Getting by" and only existing, without any opportunities to advance, is not the way of the typical U.S. citizen.

    Our ancestors left countries where the population is expendable and basically treated as servants. They demanded more and are the exceptional. We strive for more and will reach our goals; in spite of "bumps in the road", such as Obama and the ilks of progressive thinking.

  4. Agencies like the I.R.S., Homeland Security, and Treasury Department have placed MASSIVE orders for ammunition.
    Homeland Security has started taking delivery of vehicles that look like wheeled tanks.
    Rumors abound about preparations around the Nation of what appear to be Concentration Camps.

    Occam's razor would suggest to this writer that the intent is to destroy this country by a thousand cuts...
    Morally, economically, and, where possible, physically.
    The only good I see coming from this will happen after we've suffered chaos we cannot imagine.
    Be prepared, or be a victim.
    Your choice.