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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Thoughts

One nagging thought I had during the entire campaign was "business as usual" would prevail, things would plod along and - when the wheel fell off - it would be further down the road. The wheel fell off last night and I'm thinking the repairs will be by those willing to work. The riders, since they'll be the first kicked off, will grumble, kick some dust and threaten, but will still be left behind.

Another thing: I feel most people are good, honest and want to do the right thing. Over time, if they're aware of things that are wrong, their conscience gets the best of them, and they speak their mind, or reveal things that just aren't right. With that in mind, I'm thinking many of those that have been silent will refuse to be silent any longer. What they reveal will not be good for those that choose the wrong path.

There are a lot of things wrong with the United States, but there are more things that are right. The system isn't broken; it needs some maintenance and I have the feeling it will start soon.


  1. Well, you're a lot more optimistic than me. Thank goodness someone is.

  2. I've seen this in the private sector. Even though it's big and it's the government, responsibility can't be avoided forever. Obama owns it now and the pressure will be more than he can handle. I predict his unraveling starts within one month.

  3. But WHAT am I supposed to do when my social security I WORKED FOR, gets taxed away in order to supplement welfare????

  4. Initially when I woke up Wednesday any heard the news I was a bit angry, but then I realized that the election had proved that I have been right all of my life, the majority of people in this country ARE blithering idiots. I will have absolutely no sympathy for them when it's time for them to pay for this folly, in the mean time I'm doubling and tripling down on making sure I'm prepared in the long term for the pending catastrophe and have plenty of contingency plans in case this becomes more ugly than I currently expect.

  5. The Federal Government is at a place where it's treading on thin ice. The regulations, abuse of power and frittering away of resources has turned entire states against those that have abused their power.

    While the those at the federal level think they can change destiny, it doesn't work that way. Only those that produce control and they aren't happy about what they see.