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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Polls and Fact

The better of the pollsters show that it's a statistical tie between Romney and Obama. Considering the effort by many in the media to manipulate the data in the favor of Obama, all of their efforts only show Obama is losing and the final result will show a larger shift towards Romney.

Time will tell, but the media has failed to do their job. It's now our job to expose the bias,and  refuse to participate, by stopping watching their broadcasts and intentionally avoiding products advertised on media outlets that are obviously outlets for progressive propaganda. Things will never change until this happens.


  1. MSNBC is pretty much always at the bottom of the viewership ratings and that hasn't effected their desire to carry the bucket full of kool-aid for the far left extremists. Avoiding watching them has no impact. What I think might have impact, and am willing to try, is visiting their web site and copying links to their articles then pasting the links into emails to the networks advertisers, quoting specific verbiage that indicates biased reporting, them explaining how I was considering purchasing one of their products but have chosen to put off the purchase or buy a competitors product because I've seen them advertising through a media outlet that does nothing but constantly insult me and others that share my views and by using them as a means to advertise I can only assume they share the same views as the companies they're advertizing through.

    It's not a boycott and would probably have no effect what so ever, but if a million or two different people sent the same type of message then sponsors might start putting pressure on the media. The fifth column can't function without funding.

  2. I distrust polls and statistics. The statistics show an outpouring of Democrats voting in Florida. This, to them, indicates a vote for Obama.

    We're Democrats, and if our two votes for Romney is any indication....maybe there's another reason why there are so many "outpouring of Democrats voting".

    I can only hold my breath until Tuesday, and hope I don't have to CONTINUE holding my breath AFTER Tuesday.

    (And we voted for the American four years ago too)

  3. The actual pulse of the voters is only reflected by the results tomorrow. Many in the media will shake their heads when the results don't reflect their opinion, but all the conjecture, predictions and outright wishing won't change the secret ballots cast by U.S. citizens.