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Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Put It In Perspective

There are a few things on my mind. Between the Drudge headlines of wealthy dumping assets, Walmart employees facing higher healthcare costs, the Los Angeles city council asking citizens to go meatless one day a week and the reduction in food stamps for some residents in Ohio, the only thing I can think of is you dumbass Democrats deserve it. It will only get worse and the suffering can only be blamed on those that voted for a continuation of fiscal madness.

I know there are quite a few people that are Black, Hispanic, of Asian descent or of any other demographic classification that supposedly voted for Obama that don't have clue. There are others that fit any of these, or other classification that have a strong family background, and good work ethic that now have a task to change things or face watching your peers swirl into the sewer of Socialism.

Do some research. Look up the Soviet Union, the cultural revolution, Pol Pot, and digest the failures that led to the horrible demise of millions through starvation, torture and outright murder.  You may not be willing to heed the warnings of an old white man that knows how bad things can become, but you may be willing to step up and be the group that changes things back to a Constitutional government that was created by those that started the United States. I can't do any more without your help, so it's up to you. Make some changes or be in collusion with those that are willing to sacrifice their own people for power. Mistakes may have been made this time, but the next vote may be the final time you have a choice. Think about it and make the good choices.

Most of all, read "The Federalist Papers" and the "Constitution". You don't have to go to the library; they're on the internet. Read those, digest the beauty of a Constitutional Republic and remember those that forged this great nation were all subjects to tyranny that pales in comparison to what you face. They fought for liberty and it's slipping away.


  1. I'm whipped. I have no comment. I just want to encourage you to keep writing.
    You said it well.

  2. Jess, in actuality, the best answer would be for those of us who agree - to stay in touch, or make ourselves available for assistance. Remember the hippie communes that everyone made fun of in the 60's? Only we wouldn't be flower children anymore. We'd have people willing to combine, gather the harvest, and pass the ammunition. Just a daydream of mine, Jess. But that's the best possibility I can come up with.