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Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick Math

The cost of doing business includes the cost of taxes. Increased costs, from whatever source, are passed on to consumers. Higher taxes? Higher prices to anyone that buys anything.

So, when taxes go up in January, anything bought will increase in price. Individuals - even those that pay no taxes - will have less money in their pockets, due to higher costs. Political entities will have more money to waste and too damned many people will continue to exist without realizing they're greasing the wheels of an economy that's rolling downhill at an alarming rate.

It's easy math, and I'm sure it's too far above the head of many teachers, or they're unwilling to stop embracing the political agenda that eventually ends the need of their services. Either way, the final outcome is the same.

Maybe I'm off in left field, but since I can't spend my way out of debt, how in the world can anyone be so dumb to think the cumbersome, inefficient government can do so with success?


  1. No, no, no, you've got it all wrong. By taxing the evil rich folk, they're gonna make less, because they won't charge more. They'll just take the extra tax cuts out of their obscene profits, as Master Karl imagined.

  2. Stop worrying.

    President Obama will save the day.

    After all, he's "Our Lord and Saviour" right?

  3. It's a little bizarre. Marxists, who should be the first to realize the stupidity of stealing to achieve power, continue to embrace beliefs that ended in failure.

    Meanwhile, a huge segment of society deifies a President that has a record of incompetence, while abusing his power with their money.