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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fog and Driving

The national news has stories about a traffic pileup on IH 10, which happened a few miles from my house.

I've driven this section for a sizable portion of my life. The fog can get so heavy, visibility is reduced to less than a dozen feet, which leaves the paradox: Slow down and get run over, or smash into another car. Apparently, too many decided to avoid the slow down process and accomplished a pileup with over one hundred vehicles. Two are reported dead and dozens are in hospital; some with severe injuries.

I have no advice.


  1. Best thing is to get off at an exit, then park on the side of the exit road well away from the traffic - with flashers on.

    But what do you do if you're several miles from one? And just getting off is dangerous, because slowing down might get you run over.

  2. I don't know about this particular incident, but there are times when the fog comes upon you very sudden due to dropping down into a river valley or skirting a lake or some such. One moment you are driving in clear air, and the next - poof - you are in a very thick fog bank. The normal human reaction is to slow down.

    Like you, I have no advice.

  3. From what I read, the fog formed in a large open field next to the interstate and rolled across the lanes in a matter of minutes. Probably, one car started the entire accident. They panicked, slowed to a crawl and the pileup started.

    Also, I heard the heavy fog disappeared within minutes. A moment in time became the hand of fate.