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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finger Pointing

The White House says they provided information about the terrorist attack in Libya as the intelligence community released the information. So, they're pointing a finger at those that gathered the intelligence they passed on, but those that proved intelligence reported they briefed the White House, who remained quiet about the absurd reports from Susan Rice as she made the talk show circuit like a spurned television preacher's wife.

Who do you believe? Who is telling the truth? If you expect any truth to surface, you better light another one and find a better supplier. They're all lying. The original intent of suppressing the information was an obvious effort to help the campaign of Obama and four U.S. citizens are still dead, with their families being treated like mushrooms.

Time always reveals what is hidden. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until a few tons of granite erodes until the truth is revealed. Somebody needs to be punished for allowing murder due to their neglect.


  1. Do you give any credence to the 'Trade stevens for Blind Sheik" Theory?
    I'm starting to.

  2. If so, they'll never admit it.

    I can only hope that at least one person will step forward and tell the truth. So far, there are few willing to do so, which means the current administration is full of cowardly bureaucrats.