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Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's the Spending

That's the biggest problem The United States Government spends too much money. If it didn't, we wouldn't have high taxes, welfare bums, a poor business environment, unemployed workers, incompetent federal workers, excessive regulations, waste or any of the other financial problems that plague the nation.

The solution is simple, but there's a bunch of people that would have to be removed from the government body like ticks from a dog. I say it's time to start.


  1. Getting that through some people's heads is practically impossible - there is always some "what if" exception that proves we should keep on spending even more money than before, just to keep the damnable action from happening.

    My suggestion that if it's that important to them, perhaps they should pay for that situation rather than forcing the rest of us to do so blows right over the top of their heads.

  2. I'm sometimes amazed at the people that think there's some unlimited amount of money available to the government. They don't pay attention to the news that details the failure of cities for the same unwise spending habits and make the leap to the larger scale of the Federal government.

    They'll learn the hard way. The money won't last forever and the interest on what was borrowed will be more than we can afford.

  3. When you hear arguments AGAINST defunding Big Bird that amount to, "It's too little to care about," you know that NONE of it is going to get cut. I mean, if you can't cut a tiny little amount like PBS, which wouldn't even be FELT, how in the world do we think we will cut the big stuff that will really hurt?

    No one is serious about cutting spending. Spending is fun.