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Monday, October 8, 2012

If This Was Auto Workers....

...there would be panic, constant news feeds and enough conjecture to fill up a stadium. Instead, the fact that over a million construction jobs disappeared under the Obama Administration is quietly swept under the rug. 

By the way: Construction is my vocation and the statistics probably fit. Construction sucks at this time. Companies are barely holding on, with many cash flowing projects (bid at cost with the hope of no mistakes) just to pay the bills. No profit; not chance of expanding; no new workers, or any real indication those that were laid off can be rehired.

While those outside the construction industry may think this has a minor effect on their life - it doesn't. Construction is the indication of a healthy economy. The shrinking of the workforce, loss of revenue to suppliers and lack of expansion is a serious problem.

Meanwhile, the EPA and OSHA, since they've managed to expand their workforce, are implementing more stringent administrative rules, which will further cause problems with the construction industry.

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