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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This You Should Watch

This video is wrong in so many ways. I could write for a long time about how it is, but I'll only list a few:

1. After Katrina, the Federal Government did everything but fly over New Orleans and shovel hundred dollar bills out the doors. Suggesting it was receiving less aid because of race is not only wrong, it's a blatant lie.

2. After saying he didn't pay much attention to the pastor of his church, it's ironic that he made such a strong effort to point out how important he was in his life.

3. While it may seem important to forego expenditures in the suburbs for highways in order to use more funds for inner city infrastructure and business, I wonder how he thinks the supplies and customers for the inner city are supposed to arrive at these locations? Another thing: He was a sitting Senator when this speech was made. Where is the legislation he introduced to address the problems he felt were so important?

4. What's the deal with the accent? Could it be an effort to fool the listeners?

Before Obama ever became President, I didn't find anything in his speeches, or news reports that clarified what he stood for, or his plans for the United States. Apparently, his campaign was releasing transcripts, which were only printouts of speeches and not what was actually said. Otherwise, the media was asleep at the wheel, or outright hiding certain parts of speeches to prevent the U.S. population from making decisions on their own.

If you don't feel betrayed, you're dumber than a box of rocks, or you're a progressive shill.

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