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Monday, October 8, 2012

I Wonder What Happens Next?

It's apparent that the big television blitz by Susan Rice after the murder of 4 U.S. citizens in Libya was full of statements that can only be described as crap.

This report confirms there was knowledge by Washington powers to be right after the murders that terrorism was involved. In fact, one Hillary's staff member gave the briefing.  Meanwhile, Hillary gives statements it was the result of a unplanned reaction to a video nobody saw. This makes me wonder if she knew, or was just plodding along with her usual amount of incompetence.

So, what happens next? My thinking is that they'll back peddle until after the election, with the hope they can be vindicated by lies if Obama is elected for a second term. This may work for the short term, but someone will pay for this willful act of incompetence, or deliberate deceit.


  1. I think this definitely puts the kibosh on any future plans of higher office Hillary might have had.

  2. I hope so. The Clinton regime is rotten with corruption and incompetence. It's time they go away.