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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doom and Gloom

There's a huge amount of opinion on the state of the nation. It runs from total fiscal collapse to a life of directed misery by the bureaucrats and their puppets. It's as though there's no hope and we're doomed. I don't think so.

In other countries, the acceptance of involuntary servitude, or a quality of life that is lower than what can be realized may be accepted, but not the in the United States. Our genetics don't allow this. We're the culmination of centuries of genetics that include those that refused to accept less and demanded opportunity.

Things will change, but not for the worse. Things may be tough for awhile, but we'll win. Good will prevail and we won't accept less. We're better than that.


  1. I remember the 70's and early 80's when things looked really bad. I did not believe they would get better and we would be under the thumb of the Japanese.
    Didn't work out that way.

  2. I remember putting gas in my pickup, being thankful I found a station with gas, and wondering what would come next. I'd just made the decision to stop pursuing contracting work, since everyone had quit borrowing money due to the high interest rates. They wanted the additions, but they weren't going to sacrifice savings or pay double digit interest rates. My work had dried up, my saving were damn near depleted and I was now looking for a regular job in a piss poor economy.

    Things changed after we got rid of Carter. His deplorable decisions and failed policies had brought the country to a point that every day was a struggle to survive.

    We'll do the same with Obama. Hopefully, the next time one of these progressive warts on the ass of progress runs for President, the nation has enough sense to send them home before the first primary.

  3. We would have to send all president-wanna-bes home. Especially the one in office.

    When you talk of the past years. . . I lost all my retirement money. But I was happy when the gas station lowered their prices to $1.75, and I didn't cringe when the mail came.

    Remember that saying I hate? "It could be worse"? Honey, things never get better because it's easier to go downhill than up.

  4. Thanks for the optimism. I needed that.