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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rotten Promoters of Voter Fraud

This link is just the start of what will become viral on the internet over the next 24 hours. A Houston regional director for Organizing for America, and also a salaried employee of the DNC, is shown on video contributing to voter fraud, which supposedly a minor problem, if you ask the Democrats.

Houston talk radio is already buzzing with the story. Whether it makes it to the alphabet network is unknown, but I have the feeling they'll report the story, or find they're perceived as promoters of criminals and their activities.

Hat's off to James O'Keefe, who threw down the gauntlet to other reporters:

"...For any journalist who would like to dismiss this report from Project Veritas as a fluke or isolated incident, James O'Keefe has a simple message: "Put your reputation on the line...."

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