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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School Lunch Model

The Department of Agriculture suggest parents use school lunches to model meals at home.  I don't know about you, but our school lunches weren't the best and we had to pay for them, unless you worked in the cafeteria and washed dishes, which I did.

I'm guessing the Department of Agriculture is looking for things to do, since their bureaucrat to farmer ratio has exceeded one bureaucrat for each farmer.

My suggestion is they cut their budget by 75% and stop wasting money on absurdity.


  1. I remember the wonderful smells in the cafeteria as I stood in line waiting for my macaroni and cheese and, if it was a special day, a square of ice cream.

    If the kids of today are obese, then let's blame the electronic, hand-held games and NO time spent outdoors playing hide and seek or jumping rope.

    Can't you hear the whines and tantrums being thrown?

  2. In elementary school, if you didn't bring your lunch, the food was healthy, although bland. The only thing I really liked was the chili, which they'd serve on Wednesdays.

    In junior high, the food was pretty bad, except for the "grill" items like hamburgers or chip beef barbecue sandwiches. If you did bring your lunch, there were still vending machines for drinks and chips.

    In high school, we had an open campus, so you could go home, eat on the grounds, eat in the cafeteria or go to one of the local fast food restaurants. At that time, I could buy a hamburger and fries at Burger Chef of 37 cents.

    Now, they fence 'em in like criminals and feed them whatever they decide is best. In my opinion, it's a crock of shit.

  3. Okay, there is just so much wrong with this I don't know where to start mocking it first.

  4. Burger Chef? Boy do I feel old...

    They cut out recess and seriously cut back on gym class and intramural activities, and they wonder why our kids have become fat lazy slobs.

  5. We had recess and eventually gym classes. We ran, played football, softball, dodge ball, basketball and even had a fitness exam every year to see if we could do 50 push ups, 50 sit ups and a timed run.

    Our swings were hung on chains and our goal was to swing as high as the crossbar that held the swings.

    Even if we had junk to eat, we'd burn it off faster than we could consume it.