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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Analysis of the Contest

The debate last week tells much about the contest to see who shall be President. Obama failed in his attempt to debate Romney, which happens, but his reaction tells more: He's apologizing, personally attacking his opponent and allowing his campaign staff to turn his run into a circus. That's not the reaction of a champion; that's the reaction of somebody that's already beaten.

Time will tell, but Obama doesn't look like he's going to heal from this ass whipping before the next debate. If so, he's not going to look very good and his last significant act before the election might be to prove to his admiring followers he's never been the candidate they thought he was.

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  1. The mind boggling thing is, Obummer left the debate stage thinking he'd won. Can you fricken believe that?

    Check out the piece over at Ace's place; no way to linky to the page though so you'll have to scroll a bit.