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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Let's Return to Civility

Representative Steve Scalise wants leaders on both sides to call out those promoting violence. It's a good thought, but what he fails to detail is that the violence is paid for by rich Progressives like Soros. The Democrats are in his back pocket, and because they are politicians, anything they say in agreement to stop the violence is only more stale rhetoric.

We have an important election coming up. The outcome will determine who runs Congress, and a Congress willing to push back without caring about votes is necessary. That can make a difference on perceptions. The foaming at the mouth, ignorant members of Congress will only appear more foolish, when they're basically neutered.  With strong leaders of each house, the changes for the good will become remarkable.

There is violence, but from what I've seen, those involved are either loner kooks, or rent-a-mob lackeys, who won't show if the money is cut off. Their participation will dwindle, if those involved are prosecuted, or they find they're at the wrong end of the gun held by an armed citizen.

Yes, there is violence, but it's all part of the plan by foreign, and domestic, enemies hoping to stir up enough problems to cause outright armed insurrection.  They know this allows them the opportunity to further corrupt the government, and the hope they can complete their planned destruction of the United States.


  1. I'm not "promoting" violence, I'm promising it.
    There will be no unilateral disarmament.
    Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.

    Open the ball, however, and you can expect to leave on a shutter, feet first.

    Easy peasey.

    Mr. Scalise is nouthing PC pablum from his wheelchair, if he forgets so soon the two guys who used violence on his behalf, by plugging the lone gunman that put an AK bullet through his hips and left him crippled on the softball field, waiting for the coup de grace shot.

    So he's either a moron, or a hypocrite.
    Given his job, it's impossible to select from two such likely choices.
    And, let's be honest, nothing says he cannot be both.

    There's only one side screaming to go out and start violence. For nearly two years now, non-stop, and ever more boldly by the day.

    The other side is simply vowing to finish it.

    If Scalise is too mealy-mouthed to acknowledge that obvious truth, then he was obviously shot two feet lower than what he needed or deserved.

    1. The Republican leadership is feckless, or complicit. Allowing members of Congress to foment rebellion should cause censure at best, and outright criminal charges at worst.

  2. Wait you want everyone to get along?? haha

    1. I don't think they realize they've wakened something they should have left alone.

  3. Mad Maxine is running around screaming she is "gonna get him" (meaning Trump) and now even the former president has joined the parade of kooks fomenting hatred and promoting violence - and is being egged on by a despicable media of leftists. As for me, all I can do is shoot back so I will.

    1. They don't have anything to work with except lies, and violence. In the end, they'll find their followers will regret their decisions.