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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I wonder if They Realize They've Been Played?

Trump instructed the declassification of certain documents requested by some Senators. The Senators, sworn to secrecy, can't release the unredacted documents to the public, but are certain the information revealed will reveal an intentional effort the defy the rules of law, and to change the United States in violation of the methods outlined in the Constitution.

Apparently, there's some in the DOJ, the FBI and in Congress that are willing to break some serious laws in defiance of the instructions. That's their prerogative, but after Trump fires those he can, they are only a short step from being charged with a felony. As far as members of Congress, they will take a different stance, if they suddenly realize they can't hold public office as felons.

Trump set a huge trap. Even within the short time he set the trap, it's obvious he might need to tell Sessions to have his U.S. Attorneys to be ready, or to empty his desk. Either way, what's called the "Deep Sate" is in serious trouble, they know this, and I'm betting there will be plenty of people willing to spill the beans to avoid prosecution.

Let the games begin. This will be interesting to watch.


  1. Been waiting to see how long it would take before President Trump had enough. Let the games begin, indeed. I will bring the popcorn.

    1. I think Trump gets "hands on", when he's not happy with those that work for him. There's no telling how many heads will roll, but there will be enough to make me feel better.

  2. Replies
    1. He's the guy that meets everyone at the door and tells them "hello" a Walmart greeter, except he wears a suit.