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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Just Like Toilet Paper

When the Democrats are through with Dr. Ford, she'll be discarded like toilet paper. Her testimony will be without evidence, the Democrats will find they have made a mistake, and if she had any credibility, it too will be flushed.

According to reports, Dr. Ford didn't want any of this public, which is a strange request, when the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice is influenced by her letter. I doubt she's that ignorant, except of her naivety. The Democrat attempted to crucify all of the accusers of Bill Clinton's sexual predation. Thinking she's not just as unimportant, when their efforts fail, is naive, and now dangerous.

Now we wait. Her attorney's are hoping for their day in the sun to promote their careers, the Democrats involved will start distancing themselves from Ford, the media circus will have a new sideshow, and there's probably some reporter looking for a juicy story to write.

Regardless of what happened, there's no way to prove, or disprove, the allegations. All information to be gleaned will only be conjecture, and the interest in the entire event will fade quickly.

Personally, I believe the doctor either fabricated the allegation, or has created a memory from some other event. We'll never know, but we will know the attempted character assassination of Kavanaugh will be brutal. That, and Senator Feinstein's career is tarnished beyond repair.


  1. I just wish these old liberals would turn to dust and blow away.

    1. Me too. Being useless is one thing; being powerful, and useless, is another.

  2. One thing she did that was quite illustrative of who she is...she tried to delete ALL of her social media posts and her High School yearbook just BEFORE she made her accusations...We can probably guess as to why she didn't want anyone to see her posts (raving lunatic TDS sufferer probably) But why the yearbook? Unfortunately for her, that "delete" button doesn't work so well on the internet...and we can now see for ourselves why she didn't want her yearbook seen...

    Next week I expect to see her "deleted" social media posts as well...Pass the popcorn please, This is going to be sooo GREAT!

    MSG Grumpy

    1. It all appears as a poorly created scam. In the past, such things led to an immediate withdrawal of a nominee and the Republicans retreating with their tails between their legs.

      She better have some ironclad evidence. If not, the entire scam will lead to things the Democrats fear.