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Friday, September 14, 2018

My Idea

With so many ignorant souls wanting Socialism, I'm willing to turn Yellowstone into their Nirvana.

First, close the park, and ship in about a million tents. Dig enough pits for 50,000 outhouses, and provide MRE's for food. Agricultural tools will be provided, and seed for crops. Areas will be fenced for the production of animals for meat. Building materials will be provided for homes, but all homes will be less than 800 square feet.

Next, for all those wanting to try this new government, they have to furnish their total net worth, and give it to the government. After that, they have to move to Yellowstone and start their new life. 

Medical care will be provided, but those that are older will be refused medical care, if supplies dictate rationing.

Working will be mandatory. To have anything furnished by the collective, you have to be productive. A committee will determine who is being productive. Anyone found by the committee to not be working to full potential will have their food rationed.

Wildlife will not be harvested for food, under penalty of death. Anyone that protests conditions will be arrested, and sent to re-education areas. Anyone that commits a crime will be prosecuted, if the government provided law enforcement thinks it's necessary.

The media will not be allowed. All information will be provided from approved sources in Yellowstone. Anyone that furnishes unapproved information will be prosecuted, and either sent to the re-education area, or executed.

One stipulation will be nobody leaves. All that enter will stay for a mandatory two years. Those trying to leave will be shot.

How many do you think will jump at this opportunity? I think many would, but doubt any would relish the full two year period. They would fully understand Socialism, and be the best propagandist for the abolishing the blight many ignorant, foolish people think is good.


  1. Just send them FXXkers to Cuba

    1. That would work, although it's still much kinder than the original idea I had.