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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Playing Hardball

Obama ignored accepted procedures, thumbed his nose at Congress, and did damage with executive orders that are still tying up the courts. He wanted to keep to his agenda, regardless of the method, and did so with impunity.

I think the Democrats know Trump has the same avenue for keeping  his promises, and this knowledge is making them desperate. They know they can do little to stop Trump, and without a majority in Congress, they can't even use impeachment to keep Trump from finally unraveling the mess created by Obama.

I expect the Democrats will become more unruly, and the likes of Soros will cause more problems. They can't win with rhetoric, the ballot box, or with fake news, so violence is the next step. People need to be aware of this and be wise in their travels.


  1. He has managed to unravel a good thunk of it despite opposition from his own party. I agree it will get uglier and uglier.

    1. He's exposed many of the entrenched bureaucrats that wander through the offices in the capitol that would rather throw away their morals for continuing their job. These people are desperate, and becoming insane.

  2. Fuck the Uniparty!
    They have wrought untold damage
    with their high crimes and treason
    over the past hundred years.

  3. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!