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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Criminal Aliens

First, I have to write there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. They aren't immigrating, so they're criminal aliens. Whatever their reason for coming, just crossing the border is a crime, and it's now apparent 39 million are victims of further crimes by these invaders. 

I'm tired of the effort to portray invaders as having some noble purpose. There's nothing noble about breaking and entering, theft, fraud, murder and sedition. All are crimes for U.S. citizens, and shouldn't be accepted by anyone from another country.

Build the wall; and if the someone in Congress doesn't like it, throw them over the wall after it's built.


  1. I say put our military on the borders north and south. Orders simple shoot to kill. Who cares about human rights. So many cry human rights as they kill others. I call BULLSHIT.

    1. I think our military should secure the border, and then carpet bomb the cartels.