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Thursday, September 6, 2018


According to a New York Times anonymous editorial, there are members of the Trump administration intent on destroying the President's ability to perform his job. Regardless of opinion, or supposed good intents, if these people are not just fabricated sources for headlines, they're criminally involved with sedition.

Personally, I think the "source" is either a former member of the administration, or a composite fabrication of some former members of the administration. Who wrote the editorial is yet to be known, but they've admitted to a crime, and the FBI should pursue those involved.

The New York Times, by being involved with this, is also criminally conspiring in a crime of sedition. There is no good that can come from this article, and at best, it only causes discord. At worst, it is a deliberate effort to circumvent all rules of law to remove a sitting President. If foreign individuals are involved, the crime becomes treason.

I think this will cause an interesting turn of events. There are multiple agencies of the government involved in the safety of the President, and the nation. Included with these agencies is the military. I don't think the military will sit on its hands in a situation like this. When it becomes involved, agencies such as FBI will find they've lost the initiative. That may be a good thing, since the FBI has a dirty house, and refuses to clean it up.

Tine will tell how this turns out, but the blatant effort to destroy the President can't be ignored.


  1. I would say..Caution Liberals at work, but all they want is your money to spend on their projects.. But still its there handy work

  2. Virtue signaling by someone demonstrating a lack of virtue.

    1. They're attempting to cause discord by breaking the law.