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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Corruption of Decency

Decency is behavior that is respectful, and dignified. At least, that's what it once meant. It appears it's being corrupted.

At one time, the use of vulgar language wasn't accepted in public. Now? It's not uncommon to hear some of the foulest language possible, while in a restaurant, or walking down the street. I'm not offended by the language, since I hear such language on a construction project, but I know most people I know would never say such things around their family, a member of the clergy, and definitely not in public. Saying something to those that use such language may end up in violence, which is another thing that seems to be accepted more than it was in the past.

Our politicians are appearing less decent daily. The foul language, lack of ethics, lying, character assassination, and criminal behavior is ignored by the leadership of the government. Such things demand censure at best, and expulsion at worst.

Government isn't effective when decency is ignored, but it seems that's how many think it should work. False accusations, and loud diatribes, instead of a logical premise, are replacing the demands of civil debate. Even former President Obama called for getting in someone's face, instead of having a civil conversation.

These are interesting times. Vulgarity, bullying, violence, and ignoring personal liberty are accepted by too many, and the media is complicit in these actions. The solution is to demand more from those that represent us, or provide us with news, but it seems too many would rather ignore the erosion of decency. This isn't good for a healthy society, and the final result will never be good if it continues.


  1. Blumenthal lies about Vietnam.
    Madaleno runs for governor in Maryland as same sex.
    Halquist runs for governor in Maryland as transgender.

    1. And we have more than one politician erroneously claiming they're of a race, or ethnicity they're not.