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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Twenty Five Percent?

This article reports 25 percent of college students have an emotional, or mental disorder. That's a substantial percentage, but is the report accurate?

Personally, I feel there's a strong effort to determine mental problems because of the amount of money to be made on these problems. Prescribing medications, scheduling more office visits, and continuing treatment pays many salaries. Future income is guaranteed for those that can keep the patient involved with treatments that may not be necessary.

Everyone has to deal with stress, problems, unexpected events and the knowledge things might not work out as anticipated. Dealing with these things doesn't always demand professional help, and many times the correct response is accepting events as they come. Maturity demands making the transition to being a productive member of society by quiet determination, and adapting to circumstances.

The report might be accurate. If so, there's a decay in society that needs addressing. The strength of a nation is the strength of the individual. With 25 percent of future citizens that are supposed to be the leaders of society showing signs of a possible debilitating disorder, there needs to be a strong effort to correct the problem; and prescribing another medication isn't the start of the solution.


  1. The figure I’ve seen bandied about is that 25% of North American women are on anti depressants. From what I’ve seen of the women in my social circle I figure that one might be a tad low.

    1. For the pharmaceutical companies, it's a good source revenue. All that's needed is convincing people they have to feel wonderful all day, every day, and one pill can make this happen.

    2. And insurance foots the bill.
      Meaning we do.

    3. We do, just like we pay for SSI, and Medicare fraud.