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Monday, September 24, 2018


It would take a special idiot to not know the Democrats are panicked, and doing everything they can to stall the Kavanaugh vote. Their only hope is a turnover of Congress, and they'll do anything to stop a conservative Supreme Court justice from taking the bench; even criminal fraud.

We don''t have leaders left in Washington. We have weak, cowardly people that are paid way too much for their feckless and wasteful actions. They can't even tell someone that is obviously a liar to pound sand, and keep the timetable for a vote.

Screw them. If they don't want to fix the country, they'll one day face those that do. Going home may be a reminder of how lonely it can be, when a substantial amount of your neighbors think you're a worthless, lying piss-ant.


  1. It’s time for the senate to gird it’s non-gender specific loin area and confirm Kavanaugh!

    1. It is. Allowing this circus was a bad decision, and it needs to end.