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Monday, September 10, 2018

Ignorance With a Microphone

David Hogg was ratcheting up an anti-gun crowd of protesters. The problem is: he was in Canada, and his rhetoric was pointed toward changing America. According to the report, Michael Moore had a moment of lucidity and took his microphone away.

David Hogg is a young, ignorant, aggressive Fascist, that doesn't realize the sedition he practices can lead to time in jail. While some might think charging him with a crime will only lead to more publicity, the publicity is much less of a problem than his actions. Sedition is a serious crime, and Hogg is a serious criminal, who's actions border on treason. 


  1. If Michael Moore has to grab your microphone to censor your over-the-top rhetoric, you might be a fascist. He is young and ignorant but just needs a little more seasoning to become a good little marxist soldier. I'm sure MM gave him some bottled Flint water during the break. He just needs to spend a few years at college in an Indonesian madrassa, come back here and hand out pamphlets on the streets of Chicago - and he should be ready for the democrat nomination for president.

    1. Hogg is one of those members of the human race that serve no purpose while they're alive.