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Saturday, September 1, 2018

War and Civil Rights

In war, there are no civil rights. It's choreographed anarchy, with combatants and innocents. In the end, there are only winners and losers.

The founders realized the danger of invasion, the peril of unarmed citizens, and the Second Amendment was place in the Bill of Rights. Even with the inability of the government to protect, or in a situation were the rules of law were not followed by the government, the citizens were still able to protect the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

With the intended effort to allow unbridled immigration, what some might consider a paradox was created. What happens to civil rights? Surely, we can't ignore civil rights? After all, that's what protects us from rogue government officials.

I don't consider it a paradox. I see it as some politicians forgetting the citizens are more important than any foreigner. The citizens come first, and anyone that ignores our borders is an invader, has not civil rights, and is dangerous to the United States. Invaders have no civil rights, and must be considered an enemy of the United States.

To some, my opinion may seem harsh, but where is the line between the sovereignty of the nation, and the hoards of those that only want the security of the United States, without following the laws created by the citizens? It should be the borders, but now it's the courts. That isn't where the deliberate efforts to destroy the United States should be fought.

So, without borders, how is a citizen to know if they're in danger from the invaders? The answer is always, which is a poor condition for US citizens. We've been infiltrated, the government ignores the danger, and it will eventually be up to the citizens to protect the country.

How does this all end? Will enough citizens vote to change the current laws? Will the effort to repel the invaders become a national directive? I don't know, but I do know every citizen should consider how they will protect there family. There is danger in the streets, and it's becoming worse.

We have invaders walking our streets with impunity, politicians that condone the invasion, and a tremendous amount of citizens refusing to recognize the perilous times. It's a war of ideas at this time. Only the foolish will ignore the possibility it may one day become a war of violence. 


  1. IMHO we are under a new Civil War of sorts. Just look at Chicago every weekend. Just about every peaceful protest for what ever cause turns violent. We used to be a nation of Democrats vs Republicans, now it LEFT against the RIGHT. The Left is that LEFTISTS, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS. The government is in control 100%. Free this that and everything else. The Right is freedom to choose, within the legal system, laws of the land. You work hard to get some where, no free gifts.

    1. There is a large civil insurrection in the large cities. With the minorities refusing to help law enforcement, the constant push for criminal anarchy only grows.

      The media is complicit. The problems are obvious, yet too many outlets intentionally hide important information.

  2. Until then stay strapped my friends.

  3. People don'tunderstand what is happening here either. We are importing third world morons and savages thinking they'll adopt civilized ways. It is isn't going to happen.

    1. They carry diseases unknown to doctors, have ethical values bizarre to the developed world, and billions are wasted on keeping them with food and shelter.

      People don't realize their destruction will happen, if they don't decide their survival is more important than "fell good" politics.