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Friday, September 28, 2018

Where It Might Go

There's not much about Dr. Ford's family, or her high school classmates. That makes me wonder if she really wants an FBI investigation. What might they find? How did her classmates perceive her? What will be discovered about her over the last 36 years? Will it show her in a favorable light? Or, will it show her as someone with problems that can't be trusted? Has her family deliberately avoided public comment because there's nothing good to say about Dr. Ford?

The Democrats don't care about her. She should know this, especially after her wish to remain out of the spotlight was ignored for political gain. After they're through with her, she'll be discarded, and maybe vilified, if it's favorable toward the narrative.

My opinion is that the cost of an FBI investigation should come out of the salaries of the members of Congress supporting the investigation. They created this event, and they should pay for it.


  1. That picture of her laying passed out topless amid beer and wine bottles?
    Will they question those two guys claiming it was them?

  2. I think the cost should come out of Flake's retirement. I wonder why her handlers scrubbed all her social media just prior to making these false charges. Must be something there.