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Friday, September 28, 2018


I only caught snippets of the Kavanaugh side show yesterday, but what I saw was disappointing.

The questioning of Ford was softball. When her selective memory was revealed, they should have asked for an immediate adjournment, removed her, and chastised the members of Congress that were backers of the farce. If she can't produce tangible evidence, there is no crime or impropriety. Any first year attorney would have noticed this, and cringed, when the hearing continued.

Kavanaugh was too nice. He's going to be in the big league, so he needs to play hardball. Instead of focusing his anger on the group of Congress members, he should have gone for Feinstein's throat. She is the reason for the letter, the letter was never produced, and her actions demand Senate punishment. That, and an investigation into her acts that can be described as criminal by the language of U.S. Code. Those also involved would have quickly moved away from supporting Feinstein, and been relieved they had an out to save their political career.

The media was the typical Coliseum crowd hoping for spilled blood. They should have never been allowed to keep their biased editing, and opinions, from being broadcast. The media has no intention of fairness, and allowing them to taint a formal hearing is ridiculous.

We'll see what happens next, but the Senators needs to be focusing on reestablishing their integrity. There are Senators that swore to uphold the Constitution that obviously never read the document. They're a cancer to effective legislation and need to be removed.

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